Bike Across Cultures

Bike Across Cultures is an annual community event, which brings together many diverse communities from Kingston and Richmond and is our contribution to Bike Week which takes place in June every year.

Bike Across Cultures is a joint event between Kingston Race and Equalities Council and Ethnic Minorities Advocacy Group in Richmond. Both organisations work towards the elimination of race and equalities discrimination; and promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial and cultural groups in the two Boroughs. The event is part of our Health Awareness and Healthy Living programme and involves cycling and walking. It has been planned, organised and run in partnership with local Black and Minority Ethnic community groups, the Royal Borough of Kingston, the London Borough of Richmond, the Police and other organisations.

The event takes place at Kingston Gate of Richmond Park and is on one of the Saturdays during Bike Week. It starts at 11.00am and ends at 3.00pm. It is a free event and bi-cycles of different sizes are provided. People who have cycles are encouraged to bring their own to guarantee a ride. A number of goodies can be won in a raffle. There will be a picnic area, face painting, Indian head massage and henna tattoos. There is also attendance by Dr Bike who test bicycles and repairs them or offers advice. The Police attend to offer safety and security advice and to mark bikes.

The Mayors of Kingston and Richmond attend to launch the Bike Across Cultures at 11.00am.

The aim of Bike Across Cultures is to promote the benefits of cycling and walking to Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. One of the main benefits is health promotion, healthy living and awareness raising on sustainable and alternative ways of transport. For example, regular cycling and walking help to reduce chances of developing illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Bike Across Cultures event is designed to help people find out about ways of staying healthy and active. It is also about having fun and celebrating diversity within our cultures.