KREC’s office telephone line   020 8547 2332 is out of order.   Until  the  issue  is  fixed   please use   020 8247 9511 and 020 8247 9514 (direct line)

What we do

Kingston Race and Equalities Council’s (KREC) objectives are:

  • To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination and associated inequalities
  • To promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups
  • To address the Human Rights and needs of all communities

In order to achieve these aims KREC carries out the following main areas of work in furtherance of its public benefit duties:

  • Undertakes case work specific to race and associated inequalities
  • Supports local stakeholders in developing and monitoring equality policies
  • Raising public awareness through educational and cultural events
  • Helps to develop and support local ethnic community organisations

KREC has over 40 years of experience as the recognised body in South London for tackling discrimination and hate crime and promoting the message that Race Equality is a human right.

We are experts in the field of Race Equality. KREC is now the only Race and Equalities Council in South London with the specific remit to address discrimination and associated inequalities and we are one of the few Race and Equalities Councils in the UK with expertise on casework.