Get Involved


Charities and not for profit organisations like KREC rely heavily on the good will of their volunteers. Aside from the obvious feel good factor from giving your time for a good cause, volunteering has many benefits for oneself too which make it well worth considering.

It’s a great way to gain practical experience and transferable skills which makes one more desirable for employers. At KREC the range of opportunities on offer are endless depending on your expertise, your interests and the time you can afford e.g. from basic admin experience to supporting individuals to access activities, befriending, helping with events, fundraising/writing bids, stewarding and event management skills.

A host of studies have found that both formal and informal volunteering are associated with improvements in a range of physical and mental health/well-being like reducing depression and social isolation, increased confidence and social connections, improved personal enjoyment, sense of purpose and self achievement and even significant reduction in mortality risk.

Enthusiastic individuals who want to make a valued contribution to their community are welcome to come and volunteer for KREC. Training will be provided if necessary.